Kevin. Murphy

Our clients really love Kevin.Murphy, which utilizes the best ingredients to bring you skin care quality products in the form of a hair care line. KM uses essential oils are naturally regenerative and anti oxidizing, plus they repair hair on a cellular level and increase the rate of cellular re-growth. The line uses vitamin esters (E & C) which are more effective in preventing damage and reducing split ends as they are absorbed into the inner cortex of your hair. This will increase the speed at which the hair and scalp will recover, repair and regenerate. KM is also environmentally conscious and only harvest their ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, not to mention their signature square packaging holds more product and uses significantly less plastic. If all of that isn't enough they have infused all of their products with an extreme heat protection complex (naturally derived of course) so you can feel free to style your hair day after day. We are in love with these products and we think you will be too!


"Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil." -Rene Furterer. We love this line of products because it really focuses on the things that we at ferrante inc. believe in, healthy hair is beautiful hair. With Rene Furterer 100% of the key ingredients are natual essential oils and plant extracts and the line is built on the priciple that scientific percision, ethics and dedication to innovation in health and beauty are of utmost inportance. If you want your haircare regimine to inprove the quality of your hair and scalp then look no further!





A perfect match to our philosophy on skin care, REN is a clean, bioactive skin care line from the UK that increases your skin's natural ability to protect, repair and renew itself, leaving skin beautiful, healthy, and radiant. REN extracts and utilizes the enzymes from fruits, plants and other natural resources for truly luxurious products that are both high-tech and natural.





Framesi is a superior Italian color line that focuses on hair health and integrity. Often referred to as an "an artist's color line," Framesi because us to be completely creative and customize each color specifically to each individual client. The Framesi process contains several steps to effectively alter your hair color while producing brilliant shine and suppleness, restoring hair to as close to its natural state as possible with lasting color.